At Unibind doing sustainable business is deeply rooted in our values. Finding ways to reduce our ecological footprint is inherent to our business culture. That’s why we commit to eco-friendly or ‘green’ manufacturing every day.

Wind Energy

In July 2011 we installed two windmills at the Unibind headquarters in Puurs, Belgium. The windmills were built in partnership with Eneco Energy and they produce 2.3 MW each. That’s the equivalent of the annual consumption of 3000 households, saving about 2,800 tons of CO2 emissions. The locally renewable electricity helps to power all operations of the Unibind factory and offices.


Recycling plays an important role in our production process and waste is processed entirely separately. The cardboard in all our hardbooks, and almost all cartons used in production, are made from 100% recycled material.

Moving Forward

We are working on a solar panel project to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately our mission is to have our headquarters powered solely by the renewable power generated.