New software

Can I upload a pdf in the UniFoilPrinter software? Yes! Upon request from a lot of customers, Unibind has created a special update for the UniFoilPrinter.

Already jpeg, bmp, png, tif & gif images could be uploaded in the UniFoilPrinter software. It's now possible to upload a pdf as well. This update is especially useful when you want to foilprint the first page of an existing document. For example: when students go to a copy shop for their theses and want to have the front page on the cover.

How to install the new update
When your computer is connected with the Internet and the UniFoilPrinter, you will automatically receive a message that there is an update available. It’s also possible to update the software manually via the menu tab ‘Tools’. Follow the steps hereunder. 

Tools > Check for updates > Search > Update UniFoilPrinter PC tool

As soon as this update is done, you can immediately enjoy this new functionality:

  1.     Open a new document and choose the foil color.
  2.     Make the print area larger by dragging it down.
  3.     Click on the new icon to upload your pdf.
  4.     Position the pdf inside the print area the way you want it. 
  5.     Click print!