Uni 650


The Uni 650 is the biggest of our tabletop personalization systems. It allows you to swiftly make all types of custom book covers and photo products.

  • Create personalized hard covers, photo displays and magnets. New product applications are developed continually.
  • More applications available and faster process because of its bigger surface.
  • User-friendly: An easy and error free case making procedure, thanks to the pre-made ResinBook Wrapped (CasePlanos).
  • Continuously on standby: minimum set-up and change-over times.
  • Optional: cutting table and alignment tools.



Create a personalized product in 2 minutes
The Uni 650 allows you to make fully wrapped personalized photo books. The finishing and quality of the books is top notch. The machine comes with clear instructions and can therefore be handled by a minimally trained operator. The Unibind product you want to customize has a thin layer of dry glue on it. Put your printed picture on the glue, insert in the machine and wait for the beep that indicates your work is done.

Wide range of applications
You can personalize the front of your book (ResinBook Mono), the front and back (ResinBook Duo), or your entire photo book (ResinBook Panorama), including the borders (ResinBook Wrapped) with the Uni 650. But you can make more than custom books. We are constantly launching new applications for our existing machines. At the moment you can put pictures on cardboard displays, wooden panels and magnets with this versatile machine.


  • 1 minute production time (2 minutes for UniPanel Wood)
  • Maximum product size 30 x 30 cm / 12" x 12"
  • Dimensions: 330 x 920 x 560 mm/ 12.99” x 36.22” x 22.05”
  • Weight: +/- 80 kg/ +/- 176,37 Ib
  • 1600 W / 220 V
  • Completely dry process
  • CE & CSA certified



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