ResinBook Panorama Letter/A4


Personalize the front, spine and back of your resin photo book with the ResinBook Panorama.

  • Custom front, spine and back of your ResinBook.
  • Easy to personalize: Lay your pictures onto your ResinBook, place your book into the CaseMaker machine, close the machine and wait until the cycle is finished.
  • Easy to bind: it only takes 3 seconds to bind your document once you put your ResinBook onto the heating element of the Unibinder machine.
  • Our patented thermal steelbinding system with a U-formed steel spine ensures a solid, durable binding. Once your book is bound the papers can't fall out.
  • Removing and adding papers to a book is possible by repeating the binding process.



  • Thin layer of glue on the front, spine and back of the cover.
  • Hard cover book with steel spine.
  • Available in different colours and spine sizes.
  • FSC-certified.

Spine sizes

Spine sizes



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