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WireBook 8.5"x11"


The Unibind WireBooks are unique photo books because they combine wire binding with a full hardcover book. This means that you can’t see the wire once the book is closed. But you do have all the perks of having a wire bound book. Your book lays open 180 degrees flat, so you can have full spread photos, maps, drawings, etc. You are also free to choose the type of paper you use as the punch binding system can even be used with thick, non-flexible, laminated paper.

Take a look at our wire binding page to find out how it works.


Features & Benefits

  • Photobook lies 100% flat
  • Very suitable for thick, non-flexible photo paper
  • Black mirror inside
  • Secure and permanent binding
  • High quality and professional solution
  • Various possibilities for customization and personalization with your logo, own design…
  • Use your existing punch binding system


  • menus
  • pictures
  • school applications
  • technical drawings
  • presentations
  • music scores



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