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See What Unibind's Clients Are Saying About Our Products:

“It’s quick and easy, you just put the documents together, drop it on the machine, and your work is done! It’s fast and simple!
– Steve Tarrant, Post Net / Fort Mill, SC

“The system is easy to use and fast. I never have any problems with it, and customers also like the overall presentation quality.”
– Calvin Wright, UPS Store/MBE–Corp Office / San Diego, CA

“I really like the ability to do hardcover books on the system at a very reasonable price. The system is quick, and does a really nice job.”
– Jim Foote, Minute Man Press / Olympia, WA

“We really like the professional appearance and the ease of use.”
– Debbie Jansson, Raymond James / Birmingham, MI

“It’s just so easy to use, and the ability to customize your documents is great!”
– Janice Fuller, LandMark Restoration / Atlanta, GA

“The Unibind System is very easy to operate, it gives our reports a very neat and clean finish, and it really does impress Clients!!”
– Mary Hoffman, Icon Engineering / Princeton, NJ

“We love the simplicity of the system – It’s a no–brainer. We can now put together 10 pieces in no time and labor is minimal. Our time spent is more effectively than before. Now, assistants can bind 5–10 pieces and still answer calls!”
– Jose Rivera, Morgan Stanley / New York, NY

“It’s a very unique system. We did several comparisons and it was the only system that could do hardback books exactly the way we wanted. It’s very easy to use, and the finished product looks like a book bound by a publishing company!”
– Rainy Hake, Alain Pinel Real Estate / Saratoga, Ca.

“The look of the finished product is very classy. It’s just more pleasing to the eye than other binding systems. It really makes the document look more official!”
– Daniela Hirdt, Pacific Union Residential / Mill Valley, Ca.

“We love the simplicity of use. The Unibind system is so very easy to use, and anybody in the office can do it!”
– Don Prijatel, GMAC–Dillbeck / La Canada, Ca.

“What stands out to us is the ease of use and quality of the finished piece. We had a similar type of system before, but it had no where near the quality of output that this machine has. It’s top notch!”
– Derek Overbey, Inetero Franchise Services / Cupertino, Ca.