UniCalendar Home - wall model


Use your own photo prints to create a personalized wall mounted calendar.

  • Print your pictures and stick them to the self-adhesive strips.
  • 13 self-adhesive strips: one for each month and a cover sheet
  • The calendar is pre-bound so you don’t need a binding machine.
  • Wall model.



Little work, big impact
You can make your own UniCalendar Home in no time. We’ve even included a calendar guide, so your photo prints are guaranteed to be perfectly aligned and pressed firmly onto the self-adhesive strips. Your friends will love dreaming away at their favourite pictures all year long.

Easy, fast and inexpensive
When you design a personalized calendar online, it usually takes at least a couple of days before your calendar is printed and finished. That problem is now solved with the UniCalendar. All you need to do is print your photos in the correct size, stick them onto the calendar and you’re done.


  • Wall model
  • Size: 15 x 20 cm / 6” x 8”
  • No binding machine needed
  • Includes a detachable calendar guide



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