Your life just got a lot easier. Get yourself a StapleBook and all you need to create your professional looking photo book is... a stapler. The beauty of it? No one will notice that you bound your book using a stapler.

Making a high-end book with a stapler?

The secret to making a professionally bound book with a stapler is our ‘adhesive endsheets’. We know that doesn’t sound very sexy. But imagine - or even better, try - the following:

  1. Stack your photos and put a Unibind end sheet as the first and last page
  2. Staple your pile together at the edge of the sheets.
  3. Put your photos in the StapleBook cover and remove the adhesive strips from both end sheets.
  4. Press the cover firmly and admire your work.

You’ll see that the endsheets fully cover the staples. Great trick right? The StapleBook has the exact same look and feel as other binding products, but you don’t need to invest in a machine.

Make your photo book unique

The fun bit is choosing a StapleBook cover. Here’s some bad news for you if you don’t like making decisions: we’ve got an impressive range of covers to choose from!

Once you have picked the size of your book, you can choose a colour and cover material. Or you can go one step further and make a personalized book. Either get one of our themed StapleBooks or put your own picture on the front or back with our StapleBook Mono and Duo.